Clean Up Your Life This Spring By Learning To Just Say No!


    Spring is full of positive and happy energy.  We have brighter days, both physically and emotionally.  The birds sing and the buds bloom.  Everything is growing and developing.  We feel clear, focused and energized; ready and capable of making conscious and thoughtful choices and actions.  It is almost as if, as the inner turmoil stops, life becomes clear.  What would it be like to put this spring time energy and clarity to great use? As a life coach, I help my clients find a similar happy place where minds are free of negativity and ready to take the necessary steps to create the life of their dreams. 

As we spring clean our houses why not spring clean our lives by working on our personal growth and development?  Imagine blossoming into your greatest beauty and glory.  My goal is to help you flourish by consciously cleansing your life.  You will begin looking within and examining what is working and what is not working.  I will teach  you to assert yourself and say no to what is no longer beneficial in your life Enjoy!



      Say no to what you do not want in your life and yes to what you do want.  It will help you to create and maintain balance.  Remember that every time you say yes to something new you are also saying no to something else.  For example, you might yes to overtime at work and consequently no to time with your children.  The opposite is also true.  Every time you say no to something you are also saying yes to something else.  It may be yes to time for exercise, family, or fun.  Be aware of your yeses and your nos.



       Do any of your relationships drain your energy? Do they cause stress? Are they unsupportive or critical?  It is time to resolve these issues now or let go and move on.   Say no to the destructive or harmful people in your life.  For certain family members (we all have them) you might have to work on boundary-setting and assertiveness skills.



     Some of us have the problem of taking on more than we can handle.  Do you have too many activities on the go? Get rid of what you do not enjoy or what causes stress.  This is no-saying.  It is simple; just say no to what you do not like and yes to what you do like.


Stop spending more than you make

       Say no to the burden of financial debt.  Cut up credit cards and free yourself of immense stress.  Use cash for fun, groceries, gas, parking, etc.  Budget it in and take the cash out twice a week. It will prevent overspending and help you live within your means.  You want to feel abundance not stress. 


Ask for help or delegate

        You cannot do everything.  If you are feeling overwhelmed it is okay to get help.   When you make a conscious decision to say yes you will need to realize where you will need help in other areas of your life.  Get help where you need it by asking for support, hiring someone to help or delegating tasks to others.

 Remember: Examining your life and making necessary changes can be a huge weight off your shoulders.  It might not seem easy but start by making one change at a time and you will truly blossom with peace, happiness and balance!

Many of my clients have used life coaching to bring victory, happiness, health and success to their lives.  

Visit or call 647-388-0742 to learn more.

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  1. I really like this post. Thanks for posting 🙂

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